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Donald trump and russian prostitutes

donald trump and russian prostitutes

Deadpool, star of the movie Deadpool.
In what might be the worst story of all time, the saga of Donald Trump performing lewd acts with Russian prostitutes (and being videotaped by the Russian government for blackmail purposes) just keeps finding ways to get worse.
The corporate controlled media needed some reason for the Trump win other than.he won. .The film reimagines the Russian dossier that claims there is compromising video footage of Donald Trump getting peed on by prostitutes.Deadpool: Dont be disgusting, Stephen.Also Read: Colbert: Allegedly.And, we needed to up the ante on just how bad Trump really was, so added the big bad Russia to the story line.
During his monologue, Colbert was wondering aloud when audiences would get sick of superhero movies when Reynolds voice drifted plan b love & sex in from offstage suggesting that Deadpool 2, which is out on Friday, could be the breaking point.
The only problem was the entire story was an elaborate hoax, like a cartoon Cold War spy story, with golden showers, prostitutes, Russian intrigue all thrown in for good measure. .
Deadpool: Youre absolutely right.
Volta NY, you might notice a lone piece of video art.Well, hes got boyish charm for days.Putin himself at the peefest orgies.Mr Putin described the claims as complete nonsense and said people who report them are "worse than prostitutes".Deadpool: Because youre all mostly white men?Im obsessed with him, though.And, so now we have the mothership of a CNN, Buzzfeed, breaking story. .It was a joke for Petes sake.The memo claims that an unnamed source told the alleged former British spy that Trump had gotten the presidential suite of the.Not since, harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has a finale been anticipated with such fervor.Deadpool: Right, right, allegedly.Colbert: Thats thats a thats a different Fox.Courtesy of Rebecca Goyette and Brian Andrew Whiteley.