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1 Most touching, indeed, must have been the first celebra- tion of this Office in the convents of the brethren.
The rigorism of their professions did but alles ohne escort precipitate them into a lower depth of infamy.
Sister Cecilia became the first prioress.
Dominic himself, in the church.337 and take up what he should find there.John ; and, as they all three sat together the same scene was repeated in the sight of all.Every part of the Dominican Rule and Constitutions breathes of this principle ; whilst the salvation of souls is ever placed before us as the end and object of the Order, the formation of the religious man himself is provided for by regulations of the." For my part said one of them, " I will become a Catholic too, when that barrel there (which is mightily like Brother Isnard in shape) comes and rolls to me on the spot where I am standing." The words were hardly out.No wonder that the memory of such a life should have struck its roots deep into the hearts of the people, and have left its stamp upon the traditions of the country.
He was a fervent lover of the Rosary, and sometimes, as he preached this devotion, a bright rose would appear on his forehead, or a golden sunny crown would glitter over his THE festival OF peace.
It was a covey of partridges, and one of the birds got caught in a bush and could not extricate itself.
Francis also came to Bologna on a visit to the religious of his Order recently established in the city, but when he found them living in a large and spacious house, he was so indignant, that he ordered them to quit it, and he himself.
He therefore desired them to make a canonical election among themselves of some one who should govern the Order in his absence, or in case of his death.
All were, moreover, attracted by the fact that he never showed the least duplicity or pretence, whether in word or work, but always walked in the ways of simplicity." Something of this attractiveness was visible even in his exterior.
Not only do we possess in the authentic writings of Blessed Alan repeated assurances that the devotion of the Rosary first instituted.Dominic, adds the SHE shows HIM THE habit.The evil one attacked him indeed, but had no power over him.Mary Magdalen, whose church had so shortly before been sacrilegiously profaned by the murder of the viscount.Needless to say that a very special devotion was always cherished by the religious of Prouille to their destruction OF prouille.Mary Magdalen's hospital asked and received the holy habit.His presence was warmly welcomed by the citizens ; and Ranieri Piccolomini, to whom the hospital belonged, made it over by a deed of gift to him and to his Order, the contract still existing in which he is styled Domnus Dominions.Louis to the Holy Land ; but whilst detained in the island of Cyprus, he was taken with a mortal sickness, and on his death-bed, remembering his mother's prayers, he sent for the friars, and received the habit from their hands.To understand and speak their language, that so we may speak to them of our Lord Jesus Christ.' When they had prayed they were able, to the astonishment of the other pilgrims, to speak German quite easily ; and for four days more they travelled.