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The lower reaches of the Zhob and Kundar are hemmed in echange de livebox sosh by rugged limestone walls, serrated and banded with deep clefts and gorges, a wilderness of stony desolation.
Atteint d'une amyotrophie spinale, ayant provoqué un handicap particulièrement lourd qui pourrait s'avérer rédhibitoire pour toute rencontre, il a été marié plusieurs fois et est papa de deux enfants.
Browse other sentence examples.Perrache train, tram and metro station is just 55 yards (50 m) away.Etampes is a long straggling town hemmed in between the railway on the north and the Chalouette on the south; the latter is a tributary of the Juine which waters the eastern outskirts of the town.Des tabous coriaces sur un sujet que, dans notre pays, on peine encore à aborder.Settlers from Sudbury in 1665 took possession of a hill called by the Indians Whipsuffenicke and gradually hemmed in the Christian Indian village of Ockoocangansett (or Ognoikonguamescitt on an adjoining hill still bearing this name.Marcel Nuss évoque ces questions éthiques avec humour mais aussi gravité.She was again hemmed.Les douilles récupérées sur place seraient compatibles avec une Kalachnikov.L'écrivain milite depuis des années pour la légalisation du principe d'accompagnement sexuel et affectif, en vigueur aux Pays-Bas ou en Suisse.It is unfortunately hemmed in by other buildings, so that a comprehensive view of it is not to be obtained.This phenomenon of what might have been taken for a piece of Umbrian text appearing in a district remote from Umbria and hemmed in by Latins on the north and Oscan-speaking Samnites on the south is a most curious feature in the geographical distribution.
But in the " Great Division " which took place in 1848 and forms the foundation of present land titles, about 984,000 acres, nearly onefourth of the inhabited area, were set apart for the crown, about r, 495, 000 acres for the government, and about.
Car l'apparition d'un handicap ne fait pas pour autant disparaître la libido.
Its situation is most picturesque, on the steep left bank of the river Nidd, which here follows a well-wooded valley, hemmed in by limestone cliffs.
After endless intrigues, however, the duke, hemmed in by three different armies, had in his turn to submit (788 and all Italy was now subject to Charlemagne.There, on the 30th of December, he was hemmed in by a superior force of Lancastrians.Neighboring the famous Brasserie Georges Lyon 1836, the hotel offers 123 rooms in a warm, modern setting.Extrait : «La jeune femme est restée « scotchée» devant le lit une bonne dizaine de secondes.Par conséquent, aucune de ces informations ne peut être reproduite, sans accord.In October 1877 the Nez Perces under Chief Joseph after a masterly retreat from Idaho of over loon., probably unequalled in Indian warfare, were hemmed in by greatly superior forces and captured in the Bear Paw Mountains in Chouteau county.En 2010, il s'est heurté à une fin de non-recevoir de Roselyne Bachelot, ministre de la Santé.His long strip of royal domain was hemmed in by the Angevin Empire on the west and by the kingdom of Arles on the south-east.Finalement, l'escort-girl n'est jamais réapparue ».La nouvelle ministre déléguée aux personnes handicapées, Marie-Arlette Carlotti, ne semble pas davantage se précipiter sur le sujet.