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Hatsan escort semi auto manual

No choke adjustments can be made and no interchangeable chokes can be put.
Alternatives in barrel length of Escort; 20" (50 cm) 22" (55 cm) 24" (61 cm) 26" (66 cm) 28" (71 cm) 30" (76 cm) Synthetic stocks are made from advanced polymer compounds, wooden stocks are made from kiln dried and moisture stabilized Turkish walnut.
Assembly disassembly of the stock drop spacer(s Unscrew (counter-clockwise) the butt plate screws, and remove the recoil pad.Then completely insert the barrel extension into the receiver.(22) At this position slowly retract the bolt by means cocking handle, to the point (shown in 23) where carrier stays at the bottom by itself.Avoid all horseplay while handling a gun.There are two stock drop spacers packed with the firearm.Although the firearm itself does not contain any lead, it fires ammunition containing lead or delai echange oscaro lead compounds, which are known to be dangerous for health.Note: Escort turkey choke tubes are for lead shot only!(1) To engage the cross button safety, push it fully to the right until its red ring disappears and it will move no further.(10) Disengage magazine cut-off button.
Escort 24" (61cm) barrel semi autos are designed for turkey hunting and they are equipped with additional turkey choke tube.
Bolt will remain open (locked to the rear) after the last round is fired, but never rely on this.
Then screw (clockwise) the fore-end cap until it is completely in its place.
THE safety IS fully.Elastic material covered pistol grip for better feel and grip.Removing or replacing the magazine spring, its retaining plug and the migratory magazine plug can be dangerous if done carelessly.When the red ring on its left side is visible, it means that the cross button safety is disengaged OFF and firearm is ready to fire.Like all mechanical devices the safety is subject to breakage or malfunction and can be defeated by wear, abuse, dirt, corrosion, incorrect assembly of the firearm, improper adjustment or repair, or lack of maintenance.Clean inside of the gas cylinder if necessary.Engage safety and the magazine cut-off.Make sure the firearm is unloaded and the safety "ON" before assembling the migratory waterfowl plug.For latest improvements or changes on your semi auto x plane comment jouer model or for accessories that can be used escort gay angers with your semi auto model please visit website.Remove the fore-end cap and if the fore-end is wooden remove fore-end washer as well.If it has been indented lightly or not at all, rechamber the cartridge and try again.Bolt Cocking Handle: It is located at the right side of the firearm, protruding from the bolt.Keep your fingers off the trigger and keep the safety.If still it does not fire unload the gun and take it to a qualified gunsmith.

Assemble the barrel as follows: Unscrew (counter-clockwise) the fore-end cap.
Retract the bolt backwards by means of bolt cocking handle until it is locked at the rear.
Oxidation Proof - Chrome plated barrels made of Chromium, Nickel, Molybdenum steel.