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Iran prostitution

The temporary marriage must be registered with the notary marrying the couple.
And with a warning explanation to Obama and Clinton who beg Iran to unclench its fist and extend a hand in friendship while ignoring Cohen's blissful analysis of Iran's minority population, Spengler concludes.And this means, iran's startling rates of opium addiction and prostitution escort camo shotgun reflect popular demoralization, the implosion of an ancient culture in its encounter with the modern world.Furthermore, since the religious doctrine is the law of Iran, temporary marriages have been legalized in Articles 1076, 1075, and 1095 of the civil law. Another problem is an increase in sexually transmitted diseases including aids among women in addition to the issue of abortions that often are performed illegally and secretly. In temporary marriage divorce is not needed and the woman is not entitled to inheritance.When a man is involved in the process of divorce and still is living with his wife. For elderly men and middle age and old women that have lost their spouses temporary marriage is appropriate and causes mental and spiritual tranquility.(snip) A country is beaten when it sells its women, but it is damned when its women sell themselves. .
But if she lives far from her community, there would be no problem in marrying her temporarily.
Iran is a dying country, and it is very difficult to have a rational dialogue with a nation all of whose available choices terminate in oblivion.
Prostitution: The Sexual Exploitation of Women and the Legal Selling of Sex under the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The other characteristic of temporary marriage is when, the man can marry a widow, he would not commit adultery with married women and such behavior prevents moral corruption and double adultery.The ever insightful pseudonymous Spengler exposes the pathologies of an imploding Iran in an article with the provocative title of "Sex, Drugs and Islam." Unlike the New York Times'.In order to destroy the phenomena of prostitution, which is one of the most horrendous and disgraceful forms of exploitation of human by human, the society must be transformed in all of the social and economical structures, and the total demolition of the ruling class. Temporary marriage with a virgin girl is abominable if the girl does get hurt. Every year because of horrible acts of temporary marriage, many children are born that do not have birth certificate and for a long time or possibly forever shall be without social identity, and civil credibility échange de graines belgique (Iran press).Such victims doubtless abound, but the majority of Tehran's prostitutes are educated women seeking affluence. According to statistics of the Welfare Agency, from fifteen thousand children who are being taking care of by the Welfare organization,.3 percent are those who are the products of temporary marriages.The collapse of Iran's birth rate during the past 20 years is the fastest recorded in any country, ever.While the hated Israel (Jews/Zionists) are the most public target, neighboring Arab countries (Iran is proudly not Arab) following a different branch of Islam are also despised.Roger Cohen, Spengler carefully examines a society which he bluntly states "Iran is dying.".Second, according to a recent report from the US Council on Foreign Relations, "Iran serves as the major transport hub for opiates produced by Afghanistan, and the UN Office of Drugs and Crime estimates that Iran has as many.7 million opiate addicts." That.The deterioration of economic and social conditions, increasing poverty, the broadened social gaps, and the daily rise of unemployment naturally has resulted in the expansion of prostitution.These types of righteous and charitable men by engaging in temporary marriage and accepting the living expenses of women without providers are preventing corruption and poverty in society.