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Oral anglais espace et echange canada

oral anglais espace et echange canada

This poster indicates that the documentary is about what life on a rencontre salope sur maubeuge First Nation Reserve in Canada is really like.
Among the whole of the propositions offered by the notion "spaces and exchanges I chose to speak about Canadian aboriginals which leads me to my focus question: What do borders mean to aboriginals in Canada?
Tapez LES mots-cles: homme libre, pOUR LE sujet: En quel sens la société libère-t-elle l'homme de la nature?The first document I have chosen is a film poster for the premiere of the film Life on the reserve by Graham Shonfield posted on Carleton Universitys website on March 2011.First id like to give you a definition of the notion: A society can be approached from the point of view of its cohesion and openness, which raises questions about its place in the world.A society can be approached from the point of view of its cohesion and openness, which raises questions about its place in the world.Exchanges of all kinds, "borrowing" from language to language, culture to culture in literature, the arts, science, technology, philosophy, religion, and political and social institutions more generally in everyday use, take a new dimension in the unification of spaces and peoples, languages and worldviews.Graham must have made this documentary to, in a way, help these people.Il s'affichera dès qu'un membre de Bac ES le validera.Today we see that despite a high level of inequality in development, the world has never been as integrated, as the relationships of any kind between peoples and countries have become closer.Each society is torn by conflicts between particular and universal values, which often overlap oppositions between tradition and modernity.I am going to talk about the notion of spaces and exchanges.
To illustrate this I have chosen 3 documents: Life on the reserve, Citizenship and stop stealing our land.
The geography of trade routes and networks of influence, but also the discovery and conquest of new land areas often goes beyond cultural borders.
The second document linked to my focus question is an excerpt from One good story, that one (1993 by the Canadian author of Cherokee and European descent, Thomas King, called Citizenship.
Tapez LES mots-cles: homme nature ou homme nature société.It includes all type of exchanges : people, trade or media. .In the text the narrator and his mother are from the Canadian side of the Blackfoot territory and they have to cross the border to visit the narrators).Its a continuous movement or circulation.During his period as a volunteer, Grahams vision of the reserve completely changed as he was welcomed into their homes and was able to spend quality time with them.Spaces and Exchanges First of all I would like to give a definition of «Exchange».