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Prostitution in kenyan universities

He bought me this car and rented me an apartment in one of the fine estates here in town and wont say where for purposes know to now happily living,going to class with my car.
Others however do engage in the vice due to peer pressure and sheer exploration.
I think Im just addicted to the practice since I was recruited into it by fellow students two years ago, Irene, (not her real name) discloses.
Due to high cost of living, the money cannot sustain students for the whole semester and this forces them to find a side me students have sifted to online freelancing where they do assignments to rich US students giving less attention to their studies leading.The Commission for University Education (CUE) report blames poor collaboration between universities/constituent colleges and the National Security Council for rising crime in the institutions of higher learning.All public and communal areas such as exits, entrances, reception areas, stairs, halls, lavatories, and washrooms were to be kept clean and tidy.There is also prostitution in university hostels and increased cases of organised crimes where students are either involved or institutions acting as centers of crime, states the report.A University that has a population of more that 60,000 and almost 80 of the students come from average families and others from very poor families who can what do i call my baby girl hardly get money that can keep their sons or daughters comfortable in school.In addition to these, cctv cameras and security alarms were to be fixed and a single door policy for entrance adopted, with the rest of the doors only usable for exit and during emergencies.Overall, the report attributes the security lapses to laxity, saying little attention has been given to security concerns in universities and constituent colleges.Among the reasons cited by students for engaging in the vice is the high need for money.This is what is going in our campuses.In April 2016, the Government, through the Ministry of Education, directed that all universities and constituent colleges implement biometric identification systems and automate students records.
We got a chance to talk to a lady by the name Faith who is a student at one of our Universities in e is now hooked to a wealthy man here in the city and she is living lavishly, driving a mark x,courtesy.
Not only do the students go out at popular joints or streets to engage in the vice but it also takes place right at the center.
It will also liaise with universities to provide data on student discipline to facilitate maintenance of an updated centralized student disciplinary profile database domiciled at CUE, which will act as a Disciplinary Reference Bureau for universities and constituent colleges.
A student interviewed by a standard media journalist at the institution (name withheld for privacy) confessed that prostitution is rife at the institution.
The status report on the implementation of the biometric identification system and automation of students records obtained from 56 universities and university colleges indicated that majority of them had initiated the process.It also emerged that politicians tap the mess of students ethnic alliances in hostels to build political bases that further threaten the safety and security of learners.Our focus was to one of the biggest.Marijuana is the most common drug among students in Campuses.This will act as a disciplinary reference bureau for universities, states the report.On radicalisation, CUE proposes that the Education ministry work with relevant Government agencies to develop a counter-radicalisation policy for universities.He is very rich.SEE HOW this young BOY IS grabbing AND fondling HER single mother A image source:viralkenyablog.An excerpt from one girl reads as follows, Some of us receive a thousand shillings in two or three months from our parents, what does a thousand shillings do?They say that pressure to get extra coins in order to meet daily campus expenses and other necessities is what prompts most students to engage in the vice.In its report to the Cabinet secretary, CUE says the ministry must liaise with the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government to agree on how universities would work with the security organs.